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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is a plank shaped material cured in the matrix of unsatuaread resins including isophthalic ,orthorphthalic ,vinyl ester and phenolic ,with reinforced frame of fiberglass roving through a special production process,with a cer-tain rate of open meshes.
Structure Of Powergrate Molded Gratings
Powergrate Molded Gratings are woven with fiberglass roving and then cured in one piece in a whole mould.
1. Fully impregnation of resin with interwoven structure ensures great corrosion resistance.
2. The whole structure helps even distribution of load and contrib-utes to installation and mechanical properties of the supporting construction.
3. The lustrous surface and sliding surface helps self-clean advantage .
4. The concave surface ensures a good anti-slippery function and gritted surface even much better.

Properties Of Powergrate Molded Gratings
1. Anti-corrosion against different kinds of chemical medium and never-rusty properties bring about long service time and free of maintenance.
Powergrate molded gratings with non-metallic material property ,dif-ferent from the traditional metal gratings ,never get rusty in different chemical media from electrical corrosion ,and prevent the material structure from being damaged ,with no need to do any inspection or maintenance ,which never lead to the interruption of production and are free from any unpredicted accidents like metal gratings of many potential dangers .At the same time powergrate molded gratings will not get rotten or moldy like wooden materials ,and will act as up-graded generation to replace materials like iron ,wood and cement .
2. Flame Retardant
Powergrate molded gratings ,with specially designed curing system ,can meet the demand of projects for fire-resistance ,and ensure the safety ,Powergrate molded gratings have passed the test of ASTM E-84 for the fire retardant property .
3. Powergrate molded gratings have the advantage of anti-conduct of electricity ,fire prevention and non-magnetic properties .
4. The elasticity of powergrate molded gratings can reduce the fatigue from the working staff and contribute to comfort and efficiency.
5. Powergrate molded gratings are light ,strong and easy to cut for installation .The composition of resin and fiberglass ,with low mass density ,only one quarter of iron ,two thirds of aluminium,has comparatively higher strength .The olw self-weight can greatly reduce the supporting basic and accord-ingly cut the engineering material cost .The convenience for cutting and no need for big hoisting equipment also contribute to the decrease of installa-tion cost with only little labor force and electric tools .
6. Powergrate molded gratings have constancy in exterior and interior color ,with options as well to customize the production environments according to clients' requirements .
7. Powergrate molded gratings bring about better compound economic benefits .
8. Powergrate molded gratings adapt easily to flexible designs according to customers' diversity of sizes ,while maintaining the size exactness.
Powergrate molded gratings can be customized acconding to different meshes ,different board sizes and different loading requirements .The cutting cost can also be cut by reducing to the minimum of the spoilage ,satisfying greatly the demand from the customers .

Applications Of Powergrate Mloded Gratings
Chemical plant and metal finishing
Construction engineering,traffic and transportation;
Petrochemical engineering ,ocean survey ,water engineering;
Food and beverage plants;
Textile printing and dyeing and electronic industry.

Anti-slippery floor ,stair tread ,foot bridge;
Operation platform,trench cover;
Off-shore lil rig,moor shipyard,shipping deck,ceiling;
Security and safety fence ,handrail;
Ramp ladder ,scaffold ,railway footpath;
Decorative grid ,man-made fountain pool grid.

Anti-corrosion and anti-aging;
Light but strong impact strength;
Long service life and maintenance free;
Non-conduction or magnetic;
Easy installation and rich colors.

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