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Combining corrosion resistance, long life and a low maintenance design, Powergratepultruded grating is superior to conventional metallic gratings. This advanced grating is manufactured with a recessed tie bar configuration and is lightweight and easy to fabricate. Savings on labor and equipment often make the total installed cost of Powergrate grating comparable to that of steel. This advanced pultruded grating is designed for use in a wide range of industrial applications that require strength and corrosion resistance. Manufactured with a high percentage of glass within the laminate, pultruded grating provides durability, extremely high unidirectional strength and stiffness. Due to its exceptional stiffness, it can be used with confidence where wide support spans are required. For most applications where it is used to replace steel grating, Powergrate industrial grating rarely requires additional support. Combining its low cost of installation with low maintenance and long life, Powergrate offers a life cycle cost that is significantly lower than that of its metal counterpart.

The Powergrate line includes High Load Capacity (HI) grating for up to H20 vehicular loads, industrial grating for standard industrial loads and pedestrian grating for foot traffic. Specially designed gratings for barefoot traffic and several of the pultruded series available meet ADA guidelines. For additional other products, check out the Powergrate website under Pultruded Products for custom pultruded market gratings.

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