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Product Description
GRP Railway Systems
A comprehensive range of rapid fit, durable solutions for improvement & refurbishment across the railway infrastructure.

Meeting the varied demands placed from many parts of the railway infrastructure is a significant sector of our business.
Products and materials need to be carefully designed & selected to offer safety, durability, long life and cost efficiency.

Factors influencing the procurement process will likely include:

safety critical applications, special wear & loading characteristics, resistance to extreme climatic conditions, maintenance requirements etc.


Composite materials are now a common choice to meet or exceed these criteria and by virtue of their physical & mechanical properties, represent an excellent investment with low lifecycle costs and long term value.

Working closely with designers, engineers and contractors alike, Evergrip offer a wide variety of high quality GRP solutions to fit these requirements. Our products are designed and installed to comply with all relevant BS & EN codes including BS 4592.
• Platform decking, repair products & substructures
• Stair treads
• Hand rail systems
• Surface mounted tactile paving
• Anti-slip walkway surfaces
• Facilities/inspection/maintenance access platforms
• Platform access ramps
• Staircases & gates
• Catchpit covers
• Ballast panels / boards
• Infill panels
• Trench/trough covers

1. GRP Pedestrian Crossing
2. GRP Service Platforms
3. Further GRP Railway Applications
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