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Product Description
Designed for easy installation and fabrication,Powerladder™ meets or exceeds OSHA requiremnets with durable construction and corrosion resistant materials.
POWERLADDER™ systems are one-third weight of steel and require less maintenance and upkeep.That's because they are manufactured with the optimal combination of fiberglass rovings and isophthlic polyester or vinyl ester resins,ensuring a long,corrosion-free life.
POWERLADDER™ has engineered two basic ladder systems.Our standard fiberglass ladder offers the necessary rigidity and safety when structural stand-off supports are capable of being provided at regular and close intervals.However,in some cased,stand off supports can not be provide at regular intervals,thus requiring the ladder to span much longer distance.In order to comply with OSHA standards for ladder safety and design,POWERLADDER™ offers stiffened ladder to meet these needs.AllPOWERLADDER™ are designed for ease fabrication and installation ,while offering the maximum corrosion resistance.

OSHA Requirements for Ladders & Ladder Systems
POWERLADDER™ meet the following min requirement of OSHA Code,Section 1910.27:
Installer is responsible for referring to most current OSHA Code for complete information.
1. (a)(1)(i) 0.9 kN concentrated load (minimum at center of rung)
2. (b)(1)(ii&iii) Distance between rungs maximum 305mm, minimum clear width between siderails of 406mm
3. (c)(4) Distance from the centerline of rungs to wall in back of ladder shall be not less than 178mm
4. (d)(1)(ii) Cage required on ladders of more than 6.1m to a maximum unbroken length of 9.1m
5. (d)(1)(iii) Cage to extend minimum of 1067mm above top of landing
6. (d)(1)(iv) Cage shall begin minimum 2.1m to maximum 2.4m above base of ladder (floor)
7. (d)(1)(v) Cage shall not be less than 686mm in width
8. (d)(1)(v) Cage hoop vertical bars shall be located at a maximum spacing of 40° around the
circumference of the cage.

In certain location,where safety is a major concern,our safety cage shall have a fiberglass net manufactured by pultrusion process instead of vertical bars,average thickness 3mm fixed on the GRP cage hoops,to provide extra safety for workers.
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