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Product Description

POWERRAIL™modular guardrail and handrail providethe look and performance of a custom railsystem in an easily assembled, cost-effectivepackage. Available in easy-to-use kits, themodular kits include step-by-step installationinstructions. Powerrail™ is expertly engineered touse the fewest number of railing componentsof any system available in order to facilitatean easier, faster installation with less chance of error. Kits include everything needed fora quality installation requiring only minimalassembly skills, less labor and common handtools. Posts are pre-routed to accept continuousrails, eliminating the need for extra pieces toconnect rails to posts. Utilizing modular kitseliminates time-consuming fabrication and fieldmodification associated with using stock lengths.

Powergrate can also offer design, engineering,fabrication and installation of specialty solutions and picketed guardrail, segmented platform railings and other special systems.

System Benefits:
•Extremely hard wearing and durable
•Corrosion resistant
•Easy to handle and install
•Excellent resistance to acidic compounds
•Low carbon print
•Low maintenance cost
•Rapid installation
•Long effective service life

Colours Available:
•Light Grey

POWERRAIL™ Post Installation Methods

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